Infection Control Measures from the 19 July 2021

As you are aware, the government will be removing all legal restrictions from Monday 19th July 2021.  However at the same time, in healthcare, we have a duty to ensure that we keep all of our patients, staff and vulnerable community as safe as we can, particularly considering the rising number of COVID infections.  For this reason we are writing to let you know that, in line with many other NHS organisations, SHS will continue with the infection control measures that we have had in place for the last 6 months.

Therefore the following measures will remain in place;

  1. Staff and visitors to the practices will be required to wear a surgical face mask unless exempt.  Patients who are unable or refuse to comply will be asked to phone the practice and alternative instructions will be given.  Staff will still wear full PPE when they meet with you and you will be asked screening questions.
  2. Only invited patients (and one carer) with appointments will be allowed to enter the building
  3. All patients entering the practice must use hand sanitiser provided
  4. As droplets can be spread across distance, keeping apart will ensure that you are less likely to come into contact with the virus. The 2 metre social distance rule will still be maintained throughout the practice.
  5. All areas will be well ventilated so please be advised that the room may be cooler than normal as a result.
  6. Please only use the toilets if you really need to as they need to be cleaned between visits.


We wish to thank our communities for continuing to help us keep everyone safe.


Please also visit the Patient Advice post about how the practice will continue to operate following the easing of restrictions.