Introducing our new clinical team [August 2020]

Despite COVID-19 there have been a number of changes within our Clinical Team over recent weeks.  As a practice, we are moving to a Clinical Team approach to benefit from the wider range of skills and experience than a GP-only team.


Firstly, there are changes within our GP Team.  We welcome Dr Susanna Stoneley and Dr Muhammad Rehman to the practice.  However, Dr Jon Dolman has chosen to remain with Symphony Healthcare Services but at Buttercross Surgery, while Dr Vanessa Wilkins has reduced her time at Bruton to provide specialist clinics across a number of Symphony practices and take up a Dermatology role at Yeovil Hospital.  Patients currently registered with Dr Dolman and Dr Wilkins will be moved to Drs Stoneley, Rehman and Gompertz over the next few weeks.


However, while we are sorry that Dr Dolman will not be returning to Bruton, we recognise that general practice has changed in recent years, and Bruton Surgery has changed with it.  It is no longer the case that “the Doctor will see you now” but instead there are a wider range of clinicians who may be better suited to assess, diagnose and treat your health needs.


Attached to our Documents page is our 4th edition of Patient News which gives more details of the range of clinicians now working as the Clinical Team at Bruton Surgery.