A message from our Patient Group

Your Patient’s Participation Group, that is those of us that represent a patient’s point of view to our Surgery, are really concerned about the way that some patients are behaving when they are in contact with our team at Bruton.

All patients have had to endure the misery of the lockdown processes and loss of friendly contact from all around us, on which our lives are so dependent. We have all also had to live with the fear of a dreadful disease and the impact that has had on those most dear to us, whilst trying to deal with a whole range of challenges which none of us envisaged a year ago. This has been really hard and a trial for everybody.

At the centre of dealing with the pandemic, day in, day out, has been our National Health Service which throughout this long struggle has won a new and special relationship with an already appreciative Public. Over these many months, they have been praised and recognised for their commitment and their courage right at the front of the front line. The support for the National Health Service has never been higher.

All that is being done has to be in accordance with nationally prescribed procedures designed to keep both patients and staff safe. This makes even the simplest of activities extremely difficult requiring the constant overlay of vital infection control in every activity undertaken. The work of our Surgery has increased, not just by the response required for Covid-19 but also for all the continuing health care needs of nearly 6500 patients. The Surgery has never been busier!

It has been essential to change methods of work to reduce exposure to infection, so it has been necessary to manage all patient’s requests according to priorities. This requires that patients are questioned by reception staff to make sure that they get help appropriate to their needs. It may also mean that they have to wait for the attention they request while others in greater need are helped first. But all of this is being managed by the same number of staff we had before the pandemic so it is very demanding upon them. They are doing their very best! This might mean that you do not get the priority you would wish, but be assured that it will be in accordance with your needs.

So it is a matter of great concern that despite all of this, our staff have never had a harder time in dealing with Patients. They have been rude and cruel in speaking to staff, they have not been prepared to listen, shouting down replies and apparently oblivious of the constraints under which Health Services are being delivered.  And, it is very sad to say, extremely selfish. This is disgraceful.

Our Surgery is dependent on all of our staff being able to carry out their work without fear or dread when they are all trying to do all they can to help.

So, as the representatives of all of you, the Patients Participation Group urges that everybody takes stock of where we have been; what has been achieved and who it is that we should be grateful to. These are difficult times; all of us should be trying to make things better!

Finally, we would like to thank our staff and pass them our congratulations on all that they have achieved.

Robin Currie, Chairman, Bruton Surgery Patient Group